Some companies base their equipment selection on price alone, assuming if they can get the initial sale they can move on down the road to the next customer. Because Oren Atchley Company is a big believer in taking care of the client long after the equipment is installed, we are just as concerned about the long term reliability and serviceability of the equipment as we are the price. For the homes in the River Valley, we believe there is no better option than Carrier heating and cooling systems.

Millions of dollars are spent annually by the heating and cooling manufacturers coming up with fancy marketing campaigns and slogans. But the fact is, that not a single one of those campaigns was put together right here in the River Valley. Those marketing firms have no idea how our homes are constructed, nor do they know what kind of temperatures and humidity we have to put up with. When Oren Atchley Company decided that Carrier would be its primary brand of equipment, it had nothing to do with advertising slogans or the color of the air conditioners. It was, and continues to be, because we believe they make the best equipment for the River Valley.

Why do I have to add refrigerant every year?


Let's start with the most frequent problem we see each summer - evaporator coils with refrigerant leaks. The evaporator coil is a part of the cooling system, and starting in the mid 90's we began to see a vast number of these coils failing due to small pin-hole leaks. Fortunately for us (and you), Carrier has done something about it, and it's called ArmorCoat. ArmorCoat is a protective coating that is included on all current model Carrier evaporator coils we install, and it is fantastic. Since installing our first Carrier coil with ArmorCoat technology in 2004, we have had 1 spring a leak. That is less than one half of one percent failure rate which is phenomenal. Because of the extremely low failure rate of these coils, Carrier has extended the standard parts warranty on the ArmorCoat technology coils to 10 years, twice the industry standard.


In the River Valley, Short is a Good Thing

The next advantage that Carrier has over the competition in our region is the size of its indoor equipment. In the River Valley, most of the furnace and evaporator coils are installed in a closet, and there is not much room to work with. No problem for Carrier equipment. Carrier has shorter furnaces and shorter coils than the competition, which allows us to fit an easy-access filter rack in most systems. No more changing multiple filters in grilles, or trying to cram a filter inside of the furnace itself. The short equipment also allows for easier access to clean the evaporator coil, saving you money on labor.

Complexity Simplified with the Infinity™ System


Today's equipment can be very complex, with variable speed motors, multiple stages of heating and cooling, humidifiers, super-dehumidify capabilities, and the list goes on. These are all great things, however these features also make for a complex installation. We have been called in time and time again to troubleshoot systems installed by the competition that are supposed to have all the bells and whistles. Because they were installed incorrectly, however, the bells never rang and the whistles never blew. Carrier found a way to bring all of these components together while simplifying the installation (for us) and the operation (for you). They call it the Infinity™ system. It is simple to install, simple to wire, simple to program, and simple to troubleshoot. Infinity is, quite simply, the best home comfort control system we have ever seen, and Carrier is the only one that has it.

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